About Counselling

What Is Counselling?

Perhaps something is causing you to feel worried, anxious or upset, or maybe you are feeling stuck or uncertain about the future? Sometimes it can feel difficult to talk to those closest to us and some people choose to speak to a counsellor instead.

Counselling is a type of helping relationship between two people, who meet regularly, generally once a week. It is sometimes called a talking therapy and is somewhere for you to talk about whatever you want to, in confidence and without being judged.  I won’t provide you with advice or guidance.  My role is to listen, support and help you find your own insights into how you are feeling and gain a better understanding of them.

Counselling can take place on a short term basis (for example, six sessions) or can take place over a longer period of time. During long term counselling regular reviews will take place, to make sure that what is being offered to you continues to meet your need.


Counselling can help you:

• understand how you are feeling
• see things differently
• clarify and address problems
• manage uncertainty and change better
• think about new ideas and ways of being
• talk about things in the past which you find difficult to deal with now
• talk about your future and any changes you want to make

In most cases, it takes a number of sessions before counselling starts to make a difference and a regular commitment is recommended to achieve the best outcome.



You will not have to discuss anything with me that you do not wish to and anything you speak to me about will remain confidential. On very rare occasions, confidentiality may need to be breached if :

• You or someone else is at immediate risk of serious harm or neglect.
• I am subpoenaed by a court of law or other legal requirements apply.

I would always try to speak with you about this first and we can discuss this further during our first session together.